Why NurturMe?


Minimize your baby’s exposure to toxic pesticides that conventional farming uses as a common treatment to kill damaging insects, weeds, fungi and bacteria.


The Goodness of Drying

Feed your baby better nutrition that taste fresher with our freeze and drum drying methods. Less heat exposure means higher preservation of the nutrients and flavors.


No Preservatives

Leave the salts, sugars and preservatives behind. We use the simplest of ingredients and only organic additives.


Only the Good Stuff

  • Certified organic
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO verified
  • Kosher
  • No added preservatives, sugars, or salts
  • Made in the USA

Don’t take it from us, here’s what others are saying.

I appreciate the fact that this is a product of the USA and by purchasing them we are supporting local farmers. The packaging is eco-conscious as well-recyclable cartons made with wind energy. I would definitely recommend the NurturMe products to friends and busy families alike! MACT mom tester
Supper time has never been so quick. I can’t feed him fast enough! Scrumptious squash is his favorite so far. August loves the flavor and I love the adaptability of the food. We have mixed with water, goat milk, rice cereal, and home cooked puree and he has gobbled it up consistently. This had never happened with standard baby foods. We love it. Mother of Gus (10 months)
June DEVOURED the squash and the sweet potatoes! The flavors are so intense – I ate her leftovers! I am now your biggest fan in the Pacific NW and will tell anyone who will listen about this stuff. Mother of June (6 months)
My baby is a breastfed baby and I am a full time working mother. He used to take breastmilk in a bottle but has recently decided he dislikes bottles and cups (6 month old). This product is easily blended with my breastmilk and can make it whatever texture we wish. It is great. He’s getting natural veggies and milk- both very important. And, it is pumpkin! He LOVES it! Busy Working Mama, 5-star reviewer on Diapers.com
My 8 month old loves the food, especially the pumpkin (squash) and sweet potato. I like it because it’s easy to mix, organic, lightweight and environmentally friendly. When she is older, I will use it in the other foods as well. It tastes like “real” food, not “baby food”. It smells better too! Emily, 5-star reviewer on Amazon.com

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