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Behind the Scene with NuturNiños

Quinoa Fields of Perú

NurturMe had the opportunity to travel to Perú and visit the farms where the quinoa we use for our organic baby food and cereals is grown and harvested.  While there, we were introduced to the lovely people who make it all possible and were privileged to hear, first hand, their personal stories. The farmers not only educated us on the ancient grain itself, but they also opened our eyes to how the quinoa boom here in the U.S. and worldwide has directly affected their way of life – literally providing them a mattress to sleep on for the first time in their lives and enabling them to put meat and other foods, in addition to quinoa, in their children’s mouths.To say the trip made an impact on us would be an understatement. To show our appreciation and strengthen our ties with the region, we launched a program that will give back to the children of Perú. Starting in 2015, a portion of all proceeds from NurturMe’s quinoa products have been donated to help support education, health and wellness in the farming and surrounding communities where our quinoa is sourced.

Meet Karina!

Meet Karina, one of the farmers from Ayacucho – previously one of the poorest regions in Perú – where our quinoa is grown. Three years ago Karina’s life changed, along with the rest of her farming community. Before quinoa became widely known as a superfood, Karina’s community suffered from malnutrition and poor living conditions due to the region’s economic crisis. Meat was an expensive treat that was reserved for special occasions only. Once the rest of the world became aware of the many health benefits of quinoa and demand skyrocketed, they discovered the profitability of the ancient grain – not limited to just their own personal consumption.

According to Karina: “Today we have the luxury of having a car, tractors, televisions; things we could not have before. Even cable, which before was only seen in the cities. We have all this because now there is money. We no longer have to be poor. All this is thanks to quinoa.”

Giving Back to the Children of Perú

In order to show our appreciation and support for the region and families like Karina’s, starting in January of 2015, a portion of all proceeds from NurturMe’s quinoa products have been given back to the children of Perú. This program helps support education, health and other basic needs in the farming and surrounding rural areas where our quinoa is sourced. Ultimately, NurturMe hopes to nurture the local communities and children in need while also teaching our own children where their food comes from and how Fair Trade improves lives around the world.