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There are endless ways to turnNurturme Power Blend pouch caps into fun craft activities for toddlers. So don’t toss them out!

5 holiday kid craft ideas using baby food pouch bottle caps

Anytime you’re crafting with young children, it’s important to watch them closely, especially if you’re using small items like buttons, beads, and cotton balls. Remind your toddler at the beginning of the activity that snack time comes when craft time ends. Have a snack handy, and reward them for keeping non-edible items away from their mouths!

1. Christmas Tree Ornament

Create a cute, homemade Christmas tree ornament using an orange power blend pouch cap. You could make this as a small tree ornament, or you could make the tree larger and display your little one’s artwork on the refrigerator for the holidays.

Grab some popsicle sticks, a green marker, an orange power blend pouch cap, and any art materials for ornaments (glitter, gems, yarn, ribbon, colored puff balls, etc.) Decide how big you want the tree to be (about 6 sticks for an ornament or more for a larger craft).

Have your toddler color the popsicle sticks green, then glue the sticks together to form the shape of a Christmas tree. Take your orange power blend pouch cap and glue it to the top of the tree for the star. Then, let your child add other “ornaments” to make the tree sparkle and shine.

2. Snowman Dot Paint 

Grab some cardboard, white construction paper or 3 paper plates, a handful of power blend pouch caps, popsicle sticks, white, blue, black, orange, and red washable finger paint, and a tray for the paint. If you’re using construction paper or cardboard, cut out 3 circles for the snowman’s body: a large, medium, and small. If you’re using paper plates, tape or glue the plates together to form the snowman’s body.

Then, let your child dip the bottle caps into the paint colors and create their snowman masterpiece! They can use black dots for the eyes, red for the buttons, blue for a scarf, and orange for frosty’s carrot nose. Give the snowman arms or legs using popsicle sticks.

3. Pouch Cap Wreath

You’ll need a paper plate, a green marker or green washable finger paint, orange, white, or blue power blend pouch caps, and lots of fun art materials (glitter, gems, yarn, ribbon, colored puff balls, etc.) Cut out the middle of the paper plate, so you’re left with a donut hole shape that looks like, you guessed it, a wreath. Don’t cut the middle out so much that the wreath is too thin. You want enough room for your little one to color and decorate.

Help your toddler color or paint the wreath green, then help them glue the power blend pouch caps on for decorations. Have your child get creative by adding some ribbon to the top of the wreath as a bow, glitter for a little sparkle, or some colorful puff balls to brighten things up even more.

4. Decorate the Tree

Grab a piece of cardboard, some green washable finger paint, velcro sticky dots, and a handful of power blend pouch caps.

Cut the cardboard into the shape of a Christmas tree. Have your little one paint the tree green, and then let it dry completely before moving onto the next step. Take the velcro sticky dots, and attach the soft velcro dot side to the back of each pouch cap. Then, take the velcro (prickly) side of the sticky dot, and place them randomly all over the cardboard tree.

This is a great craft, because it doubles as a game! Your toddler will have a blast decorating, and redecorating his own Christmas tree with colorful pouch cap “ornaments.” 

5. Rudolph Photo Ornament

NurturMe Holiday Crafts

You’ll need a red power blend pouch cap, 3 large popsicle sticks, googly eyes, a favorite photo of your toddler, brown and red washable finger paint, and a piece of white poster board.

Start by helping your toddler paint the popsicle sticks brown. Let them dry completely. Glue the popsicle sticks into a triangle shape. Glue the googly eyes to the triangle on opposite sides parallel to each other. Then, glue Rudolph’s red nose (power blend cap) on the corner of the triangle directly below the googly eyes. 

Glue your child’s photo to the back of the triangle. Next, help your child dip his hands into the brown washable paint and make 2 handprints on the piece of white poster board. Let the prints dry completely. Cut them out and glue them to the top of the triangle, so they look like antlers!

This is a great keepsake ornament to look back on every holiday season! Happy Holiday’s, and happy crafting!

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