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Summer means exploring the great outdoors, family time adventures, and most importantly, memories. But, when you’re a parent of toddlers, it can be challenging at times to keep them entertained and always learning throughout the warmer months. Now that summer is right around the corner, we’ve put together a list of 50 bucket list activities you can do with your toddlers that will keep them entertained and curious.

50 Bucket List Ideas For Toddlers

1. Run in the sprinkler

2. Have a dance party

3. Make homemade coloring books

4. Draw with chalk

5. Catch fireflies

6. Go backyard camping

7. Visit a fire station

8. Fly a kite

9. Go on the swing

10. Make snow cones

11. Visit a petting zoo

12. Summer reading program at your local library

13. Have a picnic

14. Go to the beach

15. Learn a new song

16. Plant a garden

17. Make popsicles

18. Collect seashells

19. Build a fort

20. Donate toys

21. Do a craft

22. Go to the aquarium 

23. Go on a nature walk

24. Get ice cream

25. Blow bubbles

26. Paint a bird feeder

27. Feed the ducks

28. Go swimming

29. Make lemonade

30. Go fishing

31. Go strawberry picking

32. Have a scavenger hunt

33. Have a bonfire and make smores

34. Go on a family bike ride

35. Do a science experiment

36. Make a sandcastle

37. Finger painting

38. Make a sensory bin

39. Wash the car

40. Play with shaving cream

41. Have a PJ movie day

42. Play on the playground

43. Watch the sunset

44. Make tie-dye shirts

45. Go to a farmers market

46. Play with playdough

47. Bake cookies for a neighbor

48. Make paper sailboats

49. Paint rocks

50. Play hide and seek


Don’t Forget Snack Time!

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