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Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and plenty of pie, Thanksgiving is synonymous with yummy foods, delicious desserts and, let’s be honest, some serious overindulging. 

On holidays, it’s important to remember children are still watching, learning, and imitating our adult behaviors (that includes our attitude towards food). Because Thanksgiving promotes eating more than your fill, keep an eye on how much food your little ones are adding to their plates, because nothing spoils holiday fun like an upset stomach.  

Tips to make sure Thanksgiving is tummy friendly, and not a tummy ache, for your toddler

Small Plate

Pack the same small, portioned plate you use for your toddler everyday. A similar presentation helps set a clear expectation for your child. Even if the food options are new, you still want your toddler to eat the same amount (no more or less than usual).

Go for Greens

Thanksgiving is not short on fattening foods, but it’s also full of healthy greens! Brussel sprouts, green beans, peas and asparagus are tasty, nutrient-rich, turkey day favorites that also support good digestion and are tummy friendly. Encourage your toddler to eat greens first before trying for more dense foods like mashed potatoes, cheesy casseroles or stuffing.

Monitor Non Tummy Friendly Triggers

Gluten, dairy, soy, and egg are staples in many Thanksgiving dishes. They’re also known to cause upset baby bellies. Many toddlers struggle to digest one or all of these common allergens. 

Dessert can be the trickiest time to help your toddler make smart, tummy friendly choices. Pies, cookies, and cakes are packed with sugar and often contain dairy, gluten, and egg. Consider offering a tasty toddler snack right before dessert to prevent a sugar overload. Our dairy-free yogurt alternative is a great option. It’s a sweet treat that’s also gentle on tummies!

Pack Alternatives

B.Y.O.B.F Thanksgiving (bring your own baby food) is the easiest way to avoid tummy trouble. 

Bring a special meal for your child that includes tummy friendly options. More than likely, you’ll find a few Thanksgiving dishes that will be gentle on your little one’s tummy, but by packing a safe alternative, you make sure your child gets enough to eat without risking a belly ache. Try one of our Power Blends. They’re great for on-the-go mealtime, and loaded with super fruits, veggies, and ancient grains.

Encourage Play

Food is the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving holiday, but that doesn’t mean your child has to snack all day long. Thanksgiving is also a celebration of friends, family, and togetherness. So encourage your little crumb-snatchers to play with friends, cousins and get outside (if the weather permits)! 

Model the Behavior

Thanksgiving is a great time to help teach your child about portion control and healthy eating habits. Talk about everyday foods and “once in a while” foods. Take a small plate, fill it with green foods, and spend time away from the buffet table engaging your family and friends. Get outside and toss a football or play a family game together (charades, Go Fish, Hot Potato are fun for all ages but particularly easy for young children).

And, from all of us at NurturMe, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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