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As a parent, there is always some worry that your toddler is not getting enough vitamins and nutrients. Being parents ourselves, at NurturMe, we understand this worry and want to help ensure that your child is getting all of the necessary nutrients to develop and grow.

Understanding the Snack Time Problem

No doubt, toddlers benefit from eating healthy foods as snacks throughout the day. But what do you do when they refuse to eat? It may be difficult to understand why your toddler either doesn’t enjoy snack time or is refusing foods. It’s important to become aware of the issue so you can take steps to help improve their nutritious snack time. Here are some potential reasons snack time may be becoming a challenge for your toddler:

  • Toddlers get bored very quickly. Sitting in one place for a long period of time may simply not be stimulating for their curious minds.
  • If there isn’t a consistent snack time schedule or routine, your toddler may get confused, which may lead to frustration.
  • Your toddler may not be hungry – maybe the portion size was big for breakfast or they had milk between breakfast and snack time that filled them up.
  • The snacks aren’t appealing to them. Maybe they had the same thing yesterday or there isn’t enough of a food variety.
  • Your toddler doesn’t understand hunger and satiety signals. Try to not use snacks for when your child is bored or antsy. Teach your toddler what hunger feels like.


    Toddler Snack Time Tips

    So, snack time has become a challenge in your household? Have no fear, it is something many parents struggle with when they have toddlers. Here are some tips that you can try to get your toddler back on track with snack time!

    • Eat together as a family
    • Be verbally encouraging
    • Let your toddler choose which snacks they would like that day
    • Don’t negotiate with your toddler (i.e., “If you eat 2 more strawberries, you can have a cookie later.”)
    • Only have snack time at the table
    • Limit distractions during snack time – avoid TV or toys at the table
    • Prep and serve correct portion sizes
    • Listen to what your toddler is saying
    • It’s messy, we know…but let your toddler feed themselves
    • Serve at least 2 food groups per snack time
    • Try incorporating dips into snack time
    • Make fun shapes or animals out of the foods

    Nutritious Foods to Incorporate Into Snack Time

    You need foods that are not only enriched with vitamins and minerals but aren’t bland and uninteresting too. Take a look at these quick and easy healthy toddler snack suggestions:


    Quinoa is typically considered a grain and complete protein that contains many supplemental nutrients for your toddlers. Quinoa contains Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium to help energize your toddler. Quinoa is also low on the glycemic index, giving your toddler sustenance and making them feel full longer. According to Today’s Parent, “Quinoa includes the amino acid histidine, which is essential for human development and growth.”

    Try adding more quinoa to your toddler’s meal time by incorporating Organic Quinoa Cereals in two terrific flavors.


    Fruits & Vegetables

    Fruits and vegetables are vital for your toddler’s diet. They have vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, but can also keep your toddler healthy by improving their immune systems and fighting illnesses.

    Try incorporating many different colors of fruits and veggies into your toddler’s snack time. Cutting fruits and veggies into fun shapes will also help make eating snacks more fun.

    You can also add more fruits and vegetables to your toddler’s snacks with NurturMe Organic Power Blend fruit and veggie puree pouches. Available in super immunity and ancient grains, they’re great for toddlers as well as the whole family! Each pouch contains a variety of fruits and vegetables, giving your toddler the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow and develop.


    Yogurt is an excellent source of protein and calcium, making for a fantastic snack for toddlers. Yogurt also contains Vitamin D, which helps develop healthy bones, teeth, and skin. Consisting of live bacteria, yogurt can be advantageous to help strengthen and further develop your child’s digestive system.

    If you’re looking for a healthy yogurt option, try NurturMe dairy-free, vegan-friendly yogurt pouches. They’re perfect for your toddler’s on-the-go or at-home snacking needs. The yogurt pouches are available in purple carrot, banana, and berry or sweet potato, mango, guava flavors. 

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