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As parents, we want to start healthy habits as early as possible. Making sure your toddler or baby is following a healthy lifestyle can help make our jobs as parents a bit easier and we will feel good about it. Choosing organic snacks is one of these healthy habits. Keep reading to learn more about what it means to be organic, the benefits of snacking organic, and how we can help you incorporate these healthy eating habits into your child’s snack time schedule.

What Does Organic Mean?

We hear a lot about organic products, but what does it actually mean to be organic?Organic refers to how products are grown and processed. They contain no pesticides, bioengineered genes, or fertilizers. Natural methods are used to grow and protect the products rather than chemicals. Organic is not only safer for our bodies, but safer for the environment as well.

Benefits of Organic Snacks

Why choose organic snacks? There are plenty of reasons why we choose organic products atNurturme, here are a few of the reasons why organic snacks are a healthier option for your toddler or baby:

  • Organic food contains less pesticides and chemicals.
  • Fresher food because it doesn’t contain preservatives.
  • Farming organically means a healthier environment due to less pollution from energy and water use.
  • No antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • All organic foods are GMO-free, making them completely natural.

Your baby is new to this planet and deserves the very best. Snacking organically will make you feel better about instilling healthy eating habits for your baby at a young age. Non-organic may cause harm with pesticides and preservatives, so it is best to stick with organic as much as possible.

Our Organic Baby and Toddler Snacks

AtNurturMe, we strive for healthy babies and toddlers just as much as a mother her own child. We offer a variety of on-the-go snacks for your little ones to snack on anytime, anywhere, while also embracing a happy and healthy tummy. 

Ancient Grains Power Blends

OurAncient Grains Power Blends are certified organic and are perfect snacks for a baby or toddler. They come in four delicious flavors: mango + guava + quinoa, strawberry + banana + amaranth, pear + spinach + amaranth +quinoa, and pineapple + banana + oatmeal. You are sure to find one your baby or toddler will love! Plus, they’re made with four all-natural ingredients, no added sugars, and gluten-free grains for healthy tummies. If your baby has any allergies, these snacks are also great, since they contain no major allergens such as gluten, dairy, soy, or egg. 

Super Immunity Power Blends 

OurSuper Immunity Power Blends offers most of the same benefits as our Ancient Grains Power Blends but with the added benefit of probiotic support to promote healthy immunity for your baby and toddler. There are four delicious fruit and veggie blends that are good for their tummy including: pear + pea + spinach, carrot + mango + apple, banana + pumpkin + celery, apple + pumpkin + beet. Super Immunity Power Blends are great snacks for the whole family!

Our Ancient Grains and Super Immunity Power Blends are just a couple of the certified organic and kosher snacks we offer here atNurturMe. Other products includeOrganic Quinoa Cereals for Infants. Time to snack organically! 

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