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Do you feel that chill in the air? Did the first leaf fall yet? Just a few more days and it will officially be apple cider season. There are plenty of activities to do this season and Nurturme is here to help build your fall bucket list while also enjoying some snacks along the way.

50 Fall Activities For Toddlers

  1. Jump in a pile of leaves
  2. Apple picking
  3. Corn Maze (You could also do a flashlight corn maze)
  4. Decorate the house for fall
  5. Pumpkin carving (Make sure mom and dad are there)
  6. Go on a Hayride or tractor ride
  7. Visit the local petting zoo
  8. Have a picnic in the park (don’t forget your organic toddler snacks)
  9. Fly a kite (great for a cool windy fall day)
  10. Camp in your backyard and maybe tell some stories
  11. Turkey handcraftToddler looking for pumpkin
  12. Read fall-themed books
  13. Fun at the playground
  14. Make s'mores
  15. Eat all kinds of apples (Try our carrot, mango, apple Super Immunity Power Blend snacks for toddlers)
  16. Apple cider tea party
  17. Play eye spy while taking a walk outside
  18. Haunted house for the brave toddlers
  19. Make some toasted pumpkin seed snacks
  20.  Family fall bike ride
  21. Play some flag football in the yardToddler and dad visiting lake
  22.  Decorate caramel apples
  23.  Fall themed scavenger hunt
  24.  Attend a harvest festival or visit a farm
  25.  Do some stargazing outside
  26.  A family car ride to look at the colorful fall trees
  27.  Hide and seek
  28.  Try face painting for an early Halloween costume
  29.  Enjoy some hot cocoa
  30.  Bob for apples
  31. Make some pumpkin-themed snacksGirl eating apple
  32.  Go shopping for some fall-themed attire to keep your toddler warm
  33.  Watch some toddler-friendly Halloween movies
  34.  Fall bingo
  35.  Paint some pinecones
  36.  Make some soup for those cold fall nights
  37.  Nibble on some Nurturme snacks for toddlers
  38.  Family potato sack race (eat your organic snacks for that boost of energy)
  39.  Build a fort
  40.  DIY a scarecrow to keep those crows off your toddler’s snacks
  41. Paint pumpkins instead of carving themGirl with fall leaf
  42.  Collect all the different leaves
  43.  Leaf craft
  44.  Fall finger painting
  45.  Apple cider donuts (Some delicious seasonal snacks, don’t eat too many though)
  46.  Make a thankfulness list to add to your home decor
  47.  Snack on some sweet corn
  48.  Plant fall flowers with mom
  49.  Knit your toddler a warm scarf or hat
  50.  Bake some apple pie with the family

Nurturme Fall Snacks For Extra Nourishment

All these fall activities can take a lot of energy for your toddler to enjoy fully. Don’t forget to grab some snacks to boost their energy and also keep their tummies healthy. Our power blend snacks are great for nutrition and are organic, kosher, and free of major allergens. We also offer dairy-free, vegan yogurt pouch snacks for your lactose sensitive toddlers. 

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