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Power Blend Popsicles Beat the Summer Heat

A breeze to make, these healthy gluten- and dairy-free treats combine delicious tropical and seasonal fresh fruits with our Power Blends purees for an added boost of nutrients. Perfect for cooling off at picnics, by the pool or as a post-splash-pad treat.

What You’ll Need:

What You’ll Do:

Cut your fresh fruits and berries into bite-sized pieces suitable for toddlers. (Tip: get creative with your flavor combinations and layers!) Start with any fruit, like blueberries, and sprinkle a few bite-sized pieces into your popsicle mold. Cover with one of your flavors of Power Blends. Next, drop in another fruit, like mango, and cover with a different flavor of Power Blends. Repeat for 2-3 layers, or as many as you like. Freeze 4-6 hours and enjoy!